Be a Better Man Course Application

Thank you for your interest in the Be A Better Man Course.


The following questions will determine if you are an appropriate candidate.

4. You are required to have an individual therapist to participate in the Be A Better Man course.

This course is not treatment. It is highly specialized psychoeducation to supplement ongoing therapy with your individual therapist.

Participation in this course does not establish a therapist-patient relationship between you and Dr. Minwalla.

You must reply upon your individual therapist if any clinical symptoms arise during or after the course.

I acknowledge I have read, understand, and agree:

5. Do you currently have an established relationship with a licensed therapist?

6. Does your therapist support your participation in the Be A Better Man psychoeducation?

7. If you currently have a partner, do they support your participation in the Be A Better Man psychoeducation?

8. It is recommended that any sharing about the psychoeducational course be done in the context of couples therapy or counseling with a licensed mental health treatment provider.

If you have a partner, do you and your partner have a plan for how and when to interact during and after the course that includes support from a licensed mental health professional?

9. Dr. Minwalla only admits applicants who are familiar with his work, including the Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma Model and The Secret Sexual Basement (these and other concepts may be explored in the Resource Library).

Have you read about and/or listened to any of Dr. Minwalla's work?


10. Dr. Minwalla only admits applicants who are prepared and personally motivated to take this psychoeducational course.

Referrals from therapists or coercion from an intimate partner are NOT adequate incentives.

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