Education in Deceptive Sexuality & Trauma

Dr. Minwalla's Live Webinars include psychoeducation for men struggling with Deceptive Sexuality & Trauma (DST) and an advanced training program for treatment professionals.

Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma impacts the self, partner, relationship and family system.
What they don’t know DOES hurt them.
The Secret Sexual Basement
Deceptive Sexuality injures everyone.
Abuse and Trauma Consciousness or… Cluelessness?

Education to Bring Understanding & Growth

Address the Whole Problem

Problematic sexual behaviors are only part of the problem. Minwalla Model focuses on all aspects of the problem including dishonesty, manipulation, and other integrity-abuse behavior patterns.


Shine a light on patterns of abuse that can leave relationships feeling stuck and get in the way of meaningful change.

Facilitate Recovery

Knowledge and understanding of the harmful impacts of DST on spouses, intimate partners, and relationships facilitates treatment and recovery.

Minwalla Model Webinars

Be a Better Man Course

Next Course | Feb 10-13
  • For self-motivated men who struggle with problematic sexual behaviors and integrity abuse.
  • Illuminates underlying patterns and behaviors that keep relationships stuck and get in the way of healing.
  • Provides knowledge and understanding to help you break through and create lasting change.
  • Confidential, non-shaming environment.
  • Are you ready to make progress in your recovery?
Start Your Better Man Journey

Professional Course

CE Credits: 81
  • For the experienced mental health provider who treats victims, abusers, and relationships impacted by DST.
  • Avoid common clinical mistakes and blind spots in treatment.
  • Improve clinical efficacy with treatment plans that address the whole problem.
  • Provide more informed, effective, and ethical care for patients with Deceptive Sexuality & Trauma (DST)
Transform Your Practice

The Institute for Sexual Health is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Institute for Sexual Health maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

About the Model

The Minwalla Model is a clinical psychology and clinical sexology model used to diagnose, treat, and understand clinical symptoms related to DST, utilizing contemporary and innovative approaches to understanding sexuality, gender, abuse, and trauma.

Meet Dr. Minwalla

As humanity moves full speed ahead into the modern tech dimension, we have inadvertently left our gender and sexuality behind. Both gender and sexuality require individual and socially reinforced human consciousness. I believe that our survival depends upon the intentional development and nurturance of these parts of our nature, just as we invest in the latest model of the iPhone.

With more than fifteen years of clinical experience treating deceptive sexuality and developing the Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma (DST) Model, Licensed Psychologist and Clinical Sexologist Dr. Omar Minwalla has become an authoritative voice and leading educator on the topics of compulsive sexual behavior, sexual addiction, and infidelity. 

Dr. Minwalla’s live webinars include the Be A Better Man course for men who struggle with deceptive sexuality, and two levels of advanced education and clinical training for treatment professionals, Level 1: The Illumination Series, and Level 2: The Application Series.

Dr. Minwalla has helped hundreds of men, intimate partners, couples, children, and families impacted by compartmentalized deceptive patterns of sexual-relational entitlement and sexual acting-out behaviors, otherwise known as DST. 

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